Whether seeking to lease or purchase new facilities, or renegotiate an existing lease, Golden Key Realty & Investment provides the highest level of tenant representation in every phase of the process.  From initial market analysis to site selections, financial analysis of selected alternatives and final negotiation of the lease or purchase agreement, our tenant representatives have the experience, knowledge and the persistence to complete the transaction efficiently and to the best interest of the client.  

Golden Key Realty brokers provide smart thinking and fast action on behalf of our clients operating local, regional and global businesses. Our experienced and professional brokers specialize in office, R&D, industrial and retail tenant representation.

 We convert our market knowledge into client advantage, providing the best creative solutions to take advantage of market conditions and opportunities.

No matter your requirement — be it expanding a new facility across town,  contemplating relocating your corporate headquarters across the country or venturing into new markets across the globe — Golden Key Realty can help you make the best decisions and make them expeditiously…minimizing cost and maximizing value.

NAI Capital tenant representative services provided include:

   Defining Requirements

   Relocations

   Consolidations

   Subleases

   Acquisitions

   Dispositions

   Strategic Planning

   Site Location

   Demographic Consulting

   Market Analysis

   Comparative Financial Analysis

   Transaction Negotiation

   RealTrac™ Reporting

   STARS™ Strategic Transaction Administration and Reporting System